• Pillboxes


    Concrete Pillboxes were first built by the Germans in WWI and quickly copied by the Allies. The Pillbox models include some of the standard designs which were built by the British in WWII. This includes the impressive Type 28a Gun Emplacement.

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  • Cloches & Cupolas

    Cloches & Cupolas

    Cloches and Cupolas were built into fortifications by European counties after WWI, such as the Maginot Line and Eben Emael. The Cloche and Cupola models are typical of these defences. MG cloches were also built into sections of the D-Day Atlantic Wall.

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  • Anti Tank Obstacles

    Anti Tank Obstacles

    Antitank Obstacles became prominent during WWII,. The Antitank obstacle models include both British and German designs. Such as British ‘Cubes’ and ‘Pimples’ and the spectacular German ‘Dragons Teeth’, as used in the Seigfried Line.

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  • Gabions


    Gabions were used by armies as an improvised defence, from the birth of gun powder through to the Zulu wars. The Gabion models include gabions suitable for building everything from a hastily erected gun emplacement to a Redoubt.

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